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business website – a must-have in 2019

Every business these days has a website.  If you are a business it’s important to show you are legitimate and the best way to do that is with a business website and digital brand.

A website is a tax deduction (always a plus) but more importantly, a website shows potential clients from all over the world the products and services you offer.

When you post on social media or other paid directories, often the site owns your content.

If you are writing amazing content for them you could also be helping the advertising sites google rankings; Google ranks each page on a website not the site as a whole

Stop giving your hard-earned dollars to premium advertising rather than spend those dollars on their own unique business website, brand and marketing strategy

Yes, using facebook or instagram Ads is easier and takes less time but in the long run it’s a detriment to your business.

Your Business Website is your Virtual Home

If an advertising site or social media platform disappears, how will clients find you?

Relying on 1 or 2 sites for all your advertising can be problematic and for many it was an utter catastrophe!

You can have a simple 1-page website with your name as the domain such as   – I would add domain privacy to my domain too as this hides your personal details from the internet and stops spammers annoying you daily with dozens of pesty emails.

For cheap DIY Hosting & domain names, I suggest you go with Siteground.  They have great customer service & are fast!  Site Speed is very important for your website as google indexes mobile-first and speed is a very important ranking factor for SEO

If you have technical skills WordPress is great – the cheapest Siteground WordPress hosting is about $5 a month and that’s all you really need for your own site.  

If you struggle with websites or not sure how to set it up – We offer does a 1 page site excluding hosting set up for $500 (this special offer is available until October 2020)

Business Website & Brand

By having your own unique website you attract the right clients

Show your personality, photos, services and pricing if you wish. Also, you can list your terms & conditions, have clients read them and agreeing before engaging your services

It’s your website so you can put whatever you wish! In the format you wish, the colours you like and the style you love.

Terms for things such a payment or deposits and other information can be clearly listed so there is no misinterpretation of how you operate.

Miscommunication with can occur when you interact with a client but if you have a website you can make things very clear.

Your business Website and Brand helps you stand out from the crowd and proves you are a legit business and in control of your own destiny!

If you need help with a new website or you would like to upgrade your current website please get in touch

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