We Can’t Wait To Work With You!

Thank you, for choosing us to be your digital marketing go-to. Let’s get your brand out there and visible!

We aim to make the process of creating a new site, as easy as possible.

We have a few questions for you, so we can understand your Website Design and Development needs before we start creating your dream site.

As technical developers, we plan, research, and map everything first.  Next, we do the technical nerdy stuff and lastly, make it pretty and to your design aesthetic. 

Your website will be bespoke with your business in full focus.

Let us know your likes, dislikes, needs & wants

  • Clear details and examples with links or screenshots are super helpful.  
  • We want to create your dream website and keep things as simple as possible for you too.  We want you to be happy and aim to deliver your website with a quick turnaround and a minimum of fuss.
  • We are a professional business and we love happy, returning clients our reputation is extremely important to us.
  • We guarantee all information you provide is 100% confidential and will not be replicated or shown to anyone who is not contractually obligated to Lx2.
  • Any questions have or anything that needs to be clarified, please feel free to ask.

Let’s get started on your new website

The brand assets required for a website are a logo, favicon, sub mark, fonts and colour palette.

We offer branding packages if you do not have a brand guide or brand assets.

If you have a logo without other branding assets we can create the additional assets for you. If you have ideas about the colours for your website and any fonts you like so please add that information to your questionnaire.

You need to provide us with images for your website. We will ask you to upload it into your client folder once your project begins.

If you would like us to source images for you, we can do so for an additional cost.

We have a handy blog that lists all the content that we need to create your new website Content Creation Checklist →

If you would prefer we create your website copy, we have an in house copywriter who can assist with all your copywriting needs.

  • Whilst we recommend a website care plan with all websites, you are welcome to maintain the site yourself.  
  • If you wish to self-host we offer configuration and migration to our hosting partners inclusive. (Our list of Partners)
  • If you do not have a care plan and you need assistance, please refer to our price guide for a list of options.
  • We do not begin work on your website until we have your completed questionnaire, brand assets, copy and images.
  • Your website is created on our staging server and then moved to your hosting once the final payment is made.
  • If you have paid your invoice in full, we will build on your hosting.
  • Once your project is complete we provide you with a website owner’s manual and a complimentary 1hr training session.
  • We do not provide ongoing support unless you are on a care package that includes support.

The Process

Please note this questionnaire is super important to help us get a great understanding of how you would like your website to look. 

We want to create your dream website for you but first, we need to know what you would like it to look like.  As a creative team and we will have some ideas for you too but we need a place to start

Please fill out our questionnaire with as much information as you can, the more the better.

Your Dream Website

Please provide as much information as possible to help us to understand your needs and desires. 

If you do not have a logo, branding or website copy we can assist with these additional services.

What next?

Upon receiving your questionnaire we will be in touch to arrange a time for your discovery call.  Zoom is best but phone or whatsapp is fine too.