There are a lot of moving parts when creating a new website. So let’s break them down and ease your overwhelm!

Your new Website will be working for you 24/7

We take great pride in the work we produce for our clients.  Your end product will be working for you rather than against you. It will gain you visibility in your market, authority in your brand and the traffic you are looking for.

All websites we develop are unique WordPress sites encompassing UX design and SEO best practices.

If that sounds like a lot of techy jargon, don’t worry, we are here to guide you through everything.  We aim to make it simple for you and stress-free. Website creation can be frazzling but with the right guidance, it can easy as 1,2 and 3.

This website creation guide shows you the basic steps of a regular custom website build with us.

If your project is a complex build such as a marketplace, WooCommerce store, LMS or membership site, the process is similar with additional steps and lots of Research so everything is planned out prior to development.

New Website Creation Process

Pre Development

These are the 4 things we need to start your project. We can assist you with each of these steps but will need to be completed before we move on to development.

We offer copywriting services for both website copy and blog posts

Pricing starts at $500 per webpage and $300 per blog post.

Our Process for a 1-5 Page Brochure Website

Once pre-development has been completed we can move swiftly and it is possible to have you online within a week or less. We are very transparent in the way we work and you will be able to see the status of your project in your client portal.

If you will be creating your content yourself please please take a look at our website content checklist →

The Finishing Touches

Woo Hoo it’s time to launch!

At Lx2, we are obsessed with UX and site speed so not only will your site be gorgeous it will be fast and fabulous too.

We love to promote our client’s new websites but if you do not wish to be promoted that’s absolutely fine too. We don’t add our name to your site nor add your site to our portfolio unless you wish us to.

We will provide you with your website owner’s manual so you can update and maintain your new website. We always include a 1hr 1-1 training and additional hours are available as add-ons for all website packages.